How can I take control back after making out with guy in second date?

knew this guy online, we chatted for 2-3 days, then went on a first date to the cinema on Sunday, he kept texting me at the same night after I back home, then insisted at least three times texts per day after the first date, ... morning text, early afternoon how is the day checking in, and off work texts even until the sleeping time. After two days, he made a plan and asked me come over his place or my place to watch movie,

here is the things, well , now I am regretful to admit I should say NO to him, that night is like, when I came to his house, he said his aunt at home, so I kind of thought maybe I do not have to worry about, he really meant to watch movie without sex. we watched movies while talking a little bit, well, after movie time, he started to kiss me, then made out, outercourse, though I said no once, told him too soon for us, I did not wanna have sex. He told me he did not want just hook up, and at that night, he said he did not expect it go that far, now I feel so bad for myself.

Although he still initiate text as usual next day, after my brain starts working next day, I realize that I have no idea what I should do next step, I wanna get my control back, and want to declare my boundaries (I said it but I actually didn't do it in the second date night) is I am uncomfortable to have sex before making commitment and what it happened too soon for us considering a normal relationship, I was worried about is this guy really treated me as potential girlfriend in the future?
should I quit and move on? or give him chance to slow down, and ask me out in the public to make an formal date. Either of above options, what I should reply him when he still texts me?


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  • If he won't treat you like a potential girlfriend in the future, it means that he wasn't looking for anything serious in the first place. I don't think you did anything wrong to be honest.

    • I was just confused my current position right now, do you think he is serious about our relationship? for me, I am not sure currently if treat him as potential boyfriend in the future or just common friend to hang out while i should still see others.

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  • If you want to take back control tell him you'll text him when you're thinking about texting him, not when he decides that you need to.


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