Girls, Ladies who say looks don't matter, what are the physical exception that DO matter?

I know it's not that you can like / accept anything physically about a man as long as he is nice , have good chemistry andblah blah.

There night br some physical appearance thing that you won't be able to look past and would matter you for sure.

Is it the built?
Excess hairiness?


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  • Obesity and that's it.

    I don't mind chub, but if it's a guy whose 5'8 and weighs 220lbs of pure fat and no muscle... he's obviously not living the lifestyle that id want to share with an ideal partner.

    • Height won't be an issue and a deal breaker especially if he is smaller than you?

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    • I have already, a femboy

    • :o in what way he is a femboy?
      And you dominate him really?

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