Have I ruined things?/How can I fix this?

I went out with some friends last Friday night, and I was supposed to be home by midnight, but I instead stayed out longer and then slept over at the apt of the guy I like (in that circle of friends). He cooked us dinner and prepared the guest bed for me - but we instead ended up cuddling up and sleeping on his bed (just sleeping). He wrapped his arms around me and it was the best moment ever. I ignored my aunt & uncle aka. stepparents' calls.

The next day, I was obviously busted once I got home - because I told my aunt & uncle I'd be home by midnight the previous day and then ignored their calls while I had fun. It took the guy and me like an hour to actually get out of bed and leave - because we were tired and because I was scared AF. Anyway, if you want to know more deets, pls read my previous.

My problem now is that he's texting me less and these past few days I've been the only one initiating conversation or sending snapchats. Yesterday, I even sent him a snap+msg telling him I miss him, but he didn't reply to it.

I don't know what to do. I see him on Friday (in two days). How can I assure him that we don't have to change anything between us? Things were just starting up and I don't want it to just go down the drain. I really like him and I want this to work out somehow. I feel like the trouble I caused last weekend is holding him back - or maybe he's completely done with me because I have a crazy family. I don't know. My aunt and uncle are willing to give him and me another chance, so right now there's nothing stopping us from being together - unless that's not his intention...

Do things sound like they're going down the drain or is there hope? And what can I do to fix this?


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  • Don't chase him. Learn this early in the game. And make him wait for sex so he respects you, especially since you're a virgin. That's a special thing. He needs to see and treat you like a treasure.