Someone pls Help?

Ok I had asked a question about if asking the same question twice after an hour was annoying yes that is annoying but the reason I asked that was bc I have been dating my girlfriend for four days now we talked the first day not a lot but we did and then the second day we started talking and she missed the response I had same thing on the third day but on the second day she kinda responded but after that she has not said anything to me and I don't normally keep asking stuff unless I think somthings wrong and I haven't AKA that's me saying I haven't been anoying but tester day I asked her if she was feeling better bc she posted about how she was sick any way she hasent talked to me really in two days and it sort of bothers me reason number one is bc I like just making sure someone's alright I don't have to have to have a full conversation or any thing just want to know if someone's is alive and reason number two it just bothers me a lot any someone pls help me or kinda lead me on to what I should do bc I don't want to be annoying but I also wanna talk/make sure my girlfriend is alright?
Someone pls Help?
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