Which kind of cheating would you find worse?


Of course, everyone agrees cheating is bad. But I think there are different kinds of cheating and some are "worse" than others. To see what others think, here are two scenarios:

1. Your partner has been having another girlfriend/boyfriend for months without your knowledge. The other didn't know about you either. Now you've found out, your partner has dumped the other and pledges for forgiveness. But you know the other girl/guy meant a lot to them and probably still does.

2. Your partner likes to party and has had several one night stands with strangers. Assume they've always been safe and he/she has never brought you risk or disease (I want to focus only on the emotional aspect here). He/she doesn't have any feelings for these flings, but obviously isn't very good at controlling themselves.

I'd personally dump both, because in the end they lied to me. But which is worse?
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Which kind of cheating would you find worse?
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