Should I cancel a first date if I have a cold sore?

I had planned on meeting with a girl I met on Tinder for the first time today. We had been talking for a few days and seem to have a lot in common. But I woke up with a cold sore this morning. I don't get them often but just got over the flu and that was probably the trigger. Should I cancel my date?

We had planned on getting a drink tonight. Normally I would reschedule but we are both busy people and may not be able to meet for a few more days. Tinder is a very fast paced app for meeting people and I feel like I might be missing a chance to get my foot in the door. I have been applying Abreva and tea bags and the sore is almost gone. Although it's not noticeable (just a slight red mark you'd have to look for) I wouldn't risk a kiss. She is a teacher and I am a substitute teacher so, it being a school night for both of us, wasn't expecting anything more than an ice breaking meet up anyway. Even if we reach a moment where we might kiss, I would have to bring up that I get cold sores occasionally anyway, if we ever become physically involved. Should I cancel?
Should I cancel a first date if I have a cold sore?
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