Does this guy seem to have a girlfriend or am I overthinking things?

There is this guy who I used to date and have sex with, and all of a sudden, I saw a bunch of things that raise the question: Does this guy have an official girlfriend?

Firstly, he posted a picture on IG with a girl on Halloween and she commented "Next year we can be blah blah blah" with a kissy face emoji.
I went to her IG and saw she has a bunch of pictures with him and places that they have been to together, like restaurants, concerts, music festivals. Some of these pictures even date back to two months ago!
They seem to have met each other's siblings and friends. (Based on pictures)
He's gotten her a bouquet of flowers
She posted a picture with im titled, "A good cowboy is hard to find"

He stopped talking to me for two weeks after he posted that picture with her, so I assumed they were official and that he was trying to be loyal by not talking to me. He unexpectedly reached out to me a couple days ago, so I am confused whether or not they are together. What do you think?


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  • I don't know. I dont think so but he was probably sleeping with both of you at some point

    • Probably, but isn't he official with her if he's introducing some of his family members and friends to her? And taking her to concerts and trips to places? And he posted a picture, which is basically a cock-block to all other prospects, no? And he got her flowers and everything! He's taking her on legitimate dates. Should I ask him or is it pointless?
      I wanted to ask him 2 weeks ago if he was open to getting to know me and that I don't just want to be a hookup for him. But i was too late cause all those pictures went up 2 weeks ago, so i didn't get a real chance.

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    • If he says that are not together, is it bad timing to say "Hey I'd like for us to get to know each other and not just be fuck buddies" ?
      Will he not give me a chance? Or should I just wait until they've broken up to do that?

    • Might scare him off.

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  • They seem pretty close. They just might be close friends.


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  • its so clear that they are together hun. Come on now. Its right in your face and just bc he reached out to you, doesn't mean he is not with her anymore. he could be trying to have his cake and eat it too or maybe they are going through some issues so you could be a rebound. Overal, he may still be involved with her and its all over his page and the lack of contatcing you for a period of time. So are you going to be the side chick or a rebound or believe everything he says without him showing you he is for real? If he tells you he is not with her anymore then he needs to prove it and not just say it and try to see you. if he not tring to do anything with you and just reachin out, then that is all that is. But yeah he is with her. Dont ignore the writing on the wall

    • Ok. So then how can I ask him to prove it without sounding demanding? How can I phrase it? I'm having trouble with that. What would you say?

    • OK you can say it looks like you are still involved with her due to your posts on the page and such. is that true? If he says he is not, then you shouldn't see any future posts saying anything that suggest that they are still involved. You in the same city right? he would be asking you out and seeing you if he is not with her and serious about you. So you'll know by his actions. Dont pay attention to what he is saying. Go by actions. Does he follow through? etc

    • Okay. We started out dating, but it morphed into a sex-buddy thing because he stopped taking me out on dates and I didn't say anything about it. (My fault for letting it happen)
      But, if he DOES ask me to hang out, it will most likely be because he wants to have sex. How can I change the dynamic so that he takes me out on dates?

  • It appears to be a case of a typical man! It looks like he may have a girlfriend, but you would be his side bitch! When the girlfriend is busy, or not working out, he "reaches out" to you! I'm sorry you are in this situation! It sucks!

    The best thing you can do is to completely cut him off! Don't get mad at him or give him a reason... just drop his ass and find you someone better!!

    Don't be an option for him! Guys like to narrow down their choices! Obviously, you are not his first choice, but he wants to keep that door open so he has options...

    • If I ask him if he has a girlfriend and he says no, what should I do?
      Can I say "Hey, I don't really want to be a booty-call, but I want us to get to know each other and go on dates like we used to" ?

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    • Thank you for your advice. I'm glad I finally have something to be glad about with this situation.

    • Just keep your head up! I'm here to talk if you need somebody to remind you of why this is best!