Playing games or actually *really* busy?

So! I met a boy on tinder a while ago (he is younger than me 26, if that matters). He got out of a 6 year relationship about 2 month ago. He claims he's not upset about it, was sort of mutual. He always seemed pretty open and honest while we talked (saying he had been with 3 girls since his break up), which i guess makes sense if you've been dating so long. Anyway, we hit it off immediately had 4 great dates. I date pretty regularly and so far this has been my best match. the second date ended up lasting all day, where we just hung out and had coffee. After our 2nd date, he had to go to his hometown for a week and basically sent me a text every day. When he got back we had our 3rd date, After this date, over text, he asked me about my plans for the week saying he had midterm presentations and he'd be really busy the next 10 days.3 & 4th date he came over to mine and we cooked and made out. The last date we basically did everything except full on sex. So I told him i would be available Tuesday. The day he left my apartment (wednesday), i got a random text from him asking about some tv show we had been discussing. I replied and to my surprise didn't get an answer at all... I basically thought he ghosted me (although he has always been slow with replies).

By Tuesday i figured it was enough&texted him saying i hope his work was going well and asked him out coming Sunday. A few hours later I check watsapp, and he changed his photo and didn't reply. Wednesday (a day after my text &exactly a week after we met last, he texts me) he basically replied to my texts and my invite asking if we could meet Tuesday instead of Sunday, saying he would still be swamped with university work. I haven't replied. I am upset he made me wait a week, and that he didn't bother to say "hey sorry, bit late but been super busy". Now, my question... is he playing? Do I meet up or just forget about it? I realize he's newly single and to be fair, he DID "warn' me he would be busy the next 10 days.
Playing games or actually *really* busy?
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