How to make out?

So, its been one month that I have been dating my girlfriend and I have come across situations where I am alone with her. That time I do sometimes feel like kissing her but I have no idea how to start with it. Because I can't just start kissing her as soon as we are alone because that will be very weird. I don't know how exactly to put this but I hope you guys understood. Thanks a lot for the help.


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  • Do whatever feels natural. You're going to be fine.
    Have you ever kissed before or is it going to be your first time?


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  • So. Have you two kissed at all? Like even a quick lip kiss?

    Making out isn't about perfect time or place. It's messy, unorganized, and completely and totally fun. It's nothing you should worry about having a perfect place for. I mean, make sure you know she is cool with it 😊 It's seriously nothing to fret about though.

    Just put your lips to hers and after a couple seconds rub your tongue ever so gently on her lips. She will go from there and it will come naturally.

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