What Do You Think Happened?

I think my crush likes me, or at least he used too, but he's been acting different?

BEFORE: He sat by me in class but he would avoid talking to me but talked to the people around me, yet, if he told a joke, he'd look at me to see if I was laughing. However, he would sit across the classroom with a few of his friends occasionally, and while sitting there, I would catch him staring at me, then he'd look away as fast as he could. I once caught him whisper to his friend and they both stared at me. This was until our class went to the computer lab, and as we were about to find our seats, I looked up and he was staring directly at me. I stared back for 4-5ish seconds but I was the first one to break eye contact. We didn't sit together though.

MIDDLE: When I walked into the cafeteria with a few of my friends, I saw him and his friend staring at me while whispering. Which means they saw me sitting really close to one of my guy friends. The next day in class when we were playing games, he would do silly stuff then he'd look back at me to see if I was watching him. Whenever we're allowed to move seats for the day, he always sits with his friends at my table. He also traded seats with one of his friends to sit by me at a pep rally.

NOW: For the last week or so, he's been completely ignoring me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah I totally agree with Amorpheus69! He liked you. You liked him. He didn't say anything to you. You didn't say anything back. He began to think you weren't interested (even though you were.) While you began to question what happened, and so you ask this very question... Soooooo get out there. Straight up ask him out. It doaent hurt if the girl does it first; that'd be cute c: Good luck, I wish you the best! This is from a teenage guy haha 😛

    • I'm going to tell him I like him next Wednesday, wish me luck!!

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  • He was definitely interested. Maybe he thought you weren't. No one likes to be rejected.


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  • It's hard to tell based on the things you said.