Why are women such hypocrites?

Women: all women are beautiful
Also women: date a guy who is 6'5" and hot
Why are women such hypocrites?


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  • That's definitely not how women in general think. The last guy I talked to was 6 '4". The guy before him was 5 '7". Being tall is a good addition but it's not the only thing that matters. If he's cute, have a great personality, treats me well & there's a connection & he's 5'6" I would totally still date him. Because those factors actually matters to me. I've turned down tall guys before because their height was the only thing I liked about them.


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  • Yeah, it's damn annoying. I've been rejected a lot before because of my height. I don't have a problem with that, we all have preferences. What makes me angry is that these same women get mad at me when I say that being fat is unattractive. That's where the hypocrisy comes in.



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  • So let me get this straight. You're so ready to be bitter and angry with women over YOUR insecurities, you believe men who are pretending to be women instead of thinking logically.

    That's sad.

  • lol men do the exact same thing, only going for the hot chicks so stop playing the victim here everyone is picky, I am not into short guys as well so what? I won't be a bitch and call them midgets or something but everyone has their own liking

    • Thing is height is genetics you can't help that. However weight is something you can control by just working out. And when a girl gets bent out of shape for a guy not being into chubby or overweight girls she gets pissed, she could easily change that as where guy's height is a gene we can't change that. I'm fortunate to be 5"11 and some people still consider that too short. But whatever it is hypocrisy at it's finest though.

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    • Because that's what a lot of guys care about. For a girl height is important when it comes to guys and for a guy weight is important when it comes to girls. Why is the only thing that comes to most girls minds is height requirement? 😶

    • you're just dumb as hell good luck sucking tall guys dick while they abuse you while making "body positivity" posts about obese and unhealthy women

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  • seems like there is a massive double standard in society when it comes to women's and men"s bodies.

    in my opinion these women are undesirable due to their behavior.

    i was thinking maybe they are trolling? actually if they would be trolling they suck at it big time. trolling is supposed to be fun, not like that.

  • Idgaf about not being tall anymore... Any girl who judges me based off of something I was born with and not who I am as a person is too shallow for my taste