(Online Dating) Is he playing games with me or just not interested?

I met this guy 2 months ago online and we talked very consistently for the 1st month. He would text me preety much everyday and care about me, ask me questions and share a lot of his life with me, and he would call me on Skype regularly to see eachother.
But then i started having some personal issues and because he was always there i started ''bombarding'' him a bit with my problems and we got into a fight.
Everything got solved and we got back to the way we used to.
However, 3 weeks later he started becoming busy with exams and he wasn't paying attention to me anymore. At first i understood and gave him time to focus on that, but as time went by and nothing changed i fell he was distant and one night i confronted him about it.

I began by saying: ''I'm going to visit someone to another country in a few weeks and i won't be on Skype''. And then everything gone wrong once i said that, but i was just trying to get a reaction out of him.
After i told him that, he said he went on a date that night with a sweet girl and told me to have fun then i got angry and exploded on him because i was so mad how could he do this to me!
Then he said he was done and we could still talk or something and said goodnight.
I was left really hurt because i didn't know if he was saying that on purpose to hurt me or was he being honest
I started texting him 2 days after trying to talk to him but he only replied 6days later. We didn't delete eachother from Skype during that time. We've been texting eachother almost everyday but it's esporadic and not very consistant.
The other night out of the blue he started flirting with me and he looked really into it and i played along cause i like him.
But after that night he started ignoring my texts again? Everything seemed fine what's the issue now? Is he just playing games with me or he just doesn't want me? He's studying to be a psychologist
We're both in our early 20's and we live in diferent countries
Please help! What should i do?


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  • He's not interested.
    He still talks to you to keep you as a back up.
    He probably started flirting again that night because things went south with other girl he was seeing. Then back to cold because things got fixed with the girl or found a new one.
    He obviously isn't interested nor playing games here.
    He's just simply not into you. I would move on. He clearly shows no respect.
    he was telling you he went on a date with a sweet girl so you know where you two stand. to make sure you know that he's still keeping his options open and dating others. Then you got mad and he got turned off by whatever fight/argument you two had.
    Just move on. He doesn't like you and you deserve better it's his loss.


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  • Firstly; you were playing games with him when you were trying to get a reaction out of him. Thats not fair on him, he had an excuse to be busy. So to counteract you, he mentioned he went on a date with a girl. Clearly, you were both trying to see if you cared about one another.
    Secondly; him flirting with you out of the blue and then ignoring you is a clear sign that your his "ego booster", meaning he comes to you for attention and affection.
    Honestly sounds like his done with you, and his being extremely childish. Just dont bother messaging him anymore. You sound like his back up plan, sorry to say :/

  • If my life has taught me something then I can advise you never ever date guys who plays games with you, because he's not that interested.
    Go find other toys.

  • He's playing games with you