My best friend and my girlfriend are getting too close for my comfort?

I have a problem... my girlfriend is flirting with my best friend.. i know they don't have nothing right now but they are to close to each other... and they hide things to me.. it hurts because they think I'm the bad guy.. it just that it hurts to me to see them so close and I know they will fall in love in the future... my girlfriend and I still 100% in love we have being dating for five months and is great... but my best friend is really annoying me because he keeps getting close to her... and sometimes my girlfriend turns cold to me... i always see them laughing and happy... i love my girlfriend but I thinks every day the love she feels for me turns to my boyfriend... what should I do?


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  • What a bitch. No way in hell should she be flirting with your BEST FRIEND! And no way should your best friend be close with your girlfriend. Talk to your girlfriend about in a private setting. Tell her how it makes you feel and ask her to be honest with you. I say if it continues drop both of them.

  • You still can fix it. Talk to her about it and start doing the things she is missing but your friend is providing.
    Think really hard about her emotional needs.

    I need to feel supported in my cureer, brought flowers, given a lot of hugs and kisses to feel loved for example. Ask her what's hers.

    • What the hell does any of that have to do with their behavior. FOR ONCE COULD YOU WOMEN STOP JUSTIFYING INFIDELITY, AND STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM?

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    • Last time I checked people and be shifty to their partners no matter how good you are or not to them... but you are entitled to your opinion.

    • where did I say she didn't do anything wrong?
      I already to told you to talk to her about it. In the end you can only control yourself.

      At the same time I'm giving you an advice I heard from a relationship couch for someone in a similar situation. Guess what... it worked for them.

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  • Dump her and let your friend have her. That way it ends on your terms rather than you being cheated on.