Guys, What do you feel if there is a girl you date says "can I hug you?" ?

Lets say you both have been dating for 3 times, you feel the chemistry. On a date, at night, quite cold, only romantic ambience. And then she does feel cold, she needs warmth, she asks you "can i hug you?", and you say sure.. and then she hugs you

What do you feel?
Do you feel manly?


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  • Yeah we (I) feel manly, the act of hugging makes us feel like we can protect her from the world. It's not just girls we date either, sometimes girl friends need a hug too.

  • When she says something like that , it means the boy is special to her. Any boy in that situation should accept her hug.

    • What i ask is, what do you feel.
      And, do you feel manly?

    • Do you think , if she doesn't hug me , I am now manly? What kind of argument is this? Every men is manly even before he meets a girl. Whether the girl hugs me or not I consider myself to be manly all the time.

  • Not manly... but it's a wonderful feeling.