How to get over someone that really caused a lot of pain and made me trust that she loved me?

I don't talk to her but I'm still in pain from it. I haven't dated that much and this person made me feel really loved and then made me not feel loved and we were having a lot of fun and then she just stopped talking as much and just was busy all the time and the fun was not there any more or feeling like she was genuine into me. I felt like I could trust her. I haven't ever been hurt this bad. It really had me depressed yesterday. I know the saying of buck up. From my life experience tho I have had a lot of people ruin trust and it's hard for me to trust and these people were like family and friends and then to have like someone that made me feel loved and the trust broken it's so hard for me to be happy.


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  • Gosh, girls are bitches. That's why I like guys. 😉

    Try to realize that this girl must have had her own problems, so much so that she would treat you badly and not give you attention. Nobody deserves to be treated this way, you deserve so much more! Don't dwell on what you could have done, this chick doesn't deserve your thoughts. It will take time to trust someone again, but I wish the best for you. You should take some time for yourself, make yourself happy.

    • Yeah, It just hurts though. I did a lot to prove to her how much she meant to me like I mean not many women get shown dedication and love that way and was treated wrong for it. I just don't understand how you lure a guy in and have fun and then pretty much abandon conversation and fun with him. I mean it just tears my confidence down so bad. How do I keep my confidence? I know what it's like to be cheated on lied to I just don't know what it's like to be loved. I ask questions cause I don't want the same type of people or running into those type. I'm trying to find the loving and faithful type, and have great times with that kind of women. I don't know what that looks like.

    • Thank you for the advice both of you.

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  • Over the summer, there was a girl that I met. At first we were very shy with each other just cause the reason we had met was because of a mutual friend. Therfore we didn't want to make it awkward for that person. But over time we began to talk more and more. We went on long over night drives to places that she'd never been too, on the Fourth of July I took her to the Hudson River and watched the fireworks from a balcony at a 5 star restaurant, I took her to Warped tour, she met my family, a lot of things happened. Obviously we I got very attached.

    The day after Warped Tour, she had to go to the city for a month because of some classes she was taking at SVA. As soon as we get back from Warped, I pull into her driveway and say, "I guess this is our last night for a while."
    To which she responded, "No, this is our last night forever. There's someone else I've been seeing."
    I went into an extreme depression for several weeks. My friend eventually told me and I quote, "She's a bitch dude, she's not worth your tears. If she can just cast you aside in an instant after all you did with and for her, then you can get over her with no issue. Move on, you'll meet someone else, someone better who will appreciate all the small things you do. Someone who will see that you're not just fuck in around."

    I guess the point is that, memories do last forever but moments are gone with an instant. Just take your memories of the good times with you, use the bad experiences as fuel to move forward and just keep your head up. Cause if you keep walking staring at the floor then you'll miss the One that's right in front of you