Do you girls care how tall a guy is compared to other guys?

Think this question mainly go to short girls. If a guy is lets say 3 or 4 inches taller than you but he's still shorter than most other guys, does it cross your mind?

Do you think he's taller than me so he's good? Or would you think, wait a minute, he's not as tall as my brothers, dad, male, friend and lots of other guys I see who are 6ft+?

  • As long as he's taller than me, its good, I dont care that other guys I know tower over him?
  • If he's taller than me but shorter than all my friends, family and others, its still a problem.
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  • I am 5'4.

    My father is 6'2. My uncle is 6'3. My cousin is 6'7. My other uncle is 6'8. My brothers are set to end up 6'1 and 6'7 respectively.

    You do not bring short men home to meet the family. It's an unwritten rule in my family. Plus, I did that once back in the day and my dad could not, for the life of him, take the guy seriously.

    • Thats probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard, whats wrong with your dad. It'd be like someone from my family saying dont bring home a girl with small boobs, small butt and no curves then I can't take her seriously. Like what!! Why on earth would my parents care how my partner looks like, they won't be the one banging her

    • and by the way, how did you end up so short, when you come from such a tall family. I am short too (5'9) but my parents are 5'2 and 5'7. Does you family take you seriously?

    • My grandmother is 5'0. I assume that's where I got it.

      And no, they don't.

      That's just how my family works. Tall guys don't take short guys seriously. Plus my community is really tall so I'd have to work extra hard to bring a short guy home because they aren't around. So it's like, really? You have all these tall guys to choose from and you went out of your way to find a small one?

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  • I don't know, but I like xp so I am answering regardless. Best of luck with your question.


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  • I am 5'4 and that would be considered either average or short depending on who you ask. I don't see why it'd matter if he was shorter than other guys, I wouldn't even mind if we were the same height.

  • I'm short so as long as they are taller than me I am good. I would say 5'8" would be the shortest.

  • I'm pretty short so most guys are taller than me but that's not "good enough". I'm only attracted to tall guys.


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