Why would he ghost me?

I'm asking this question more for clarity than anything, because it happened about 3 weeks ago. I would really appreciate feedback, especially from men. This is kind of long, but please read.

So towards the end of September, I met a guy online. The chemistry was instant, and we gradually progressed to exchanging numbers. Two weeks into it, we finally met face to face. There was no sex but the night was amazing. About another week later, he asked me on a more official date. This time, he took me to his favorite restaurant, then back to his apartment. I met all his roommates and he took me for a walk on the beach. Afterwards, we went to his room where he showed me pics of his family and we watched a movie (no sex again). He also asked if I would like to officially date, which meant being more exclusive (I. E, only seeing eachother). The next morning he texted me saying what an amazing time he had and that he couldn't wait for many more to come. That's been it. I never heard from him and was too proud to reach out, especially after he missed my birthday, which he'd previously asked about like 3 times, so he knew when it was. I deleted him on snapchat, to which he re-added me a week later. My question is, why did he ghost me? I'd understand if things were bad but we were fine. It's been about 3 weeks now, but I'd really appreciate some clarity.


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  • Yeah, I would agree with what everyone else is saying. Back off. If he was really interested (for the right reasons) he wouldn't act the way he is acting.

    • Yeah, I think that's for the best. Thank you :)

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    • Thank you :) it definitely sucks, mostly bc it just makes no sense. Like at least if there were signs but things were moving forward. I really hope it wasn't the fact I wouldn't have sex but if that was the case then I totally dodged a bullet lol

    • You go girl!

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  • He lost interest.

    • But then what would be the point in asking me to date him, then texting me what he did?

    • Maybe to keep you in his back pocket, he'll probably hit you back up when he's horny and ready to "take the next step" with you. I'd move on.

    • Ugh, that could very well be it lol thank you for your input :)

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  • He's dating someone else/he has a girlfriend/he was lying about having an amazing time/he only wanted sex.

    • That's what I was thinking, like maybe he was talking to someone else (even though he swore he wasn't), or was disappointed we never had sex. Stuff like this really makes me lose hope in men😔