Guys, Is he interested still?

This guy has given me so much attention and likes me. In the midst of our playful flirting, he asked me for my number, but I didn't realize it. I thought we were flirting and just playing with ideas like we normally do. The next time I saw him, it went well and he still showed much interest. The last day, he showed lots of interest and flirting. He hasn't asked me for my number though. Now he's gone for a couple weeks and I'm in doubt. I hate this feeling of not knowing. When I last saw him there was no doubt but he's gone, and he didn't ask for my number. I'm having so much doubt and I wonder if he is no longer interested.


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  • May not be interested. He showed you that he was interested & you didn't react that great. Therefore, he may put you aside. You have him on snapchat or Instagram?

    • I think he knows I like him. I complimented him and flirted with him the next two nights. we look into each other's eyes. And I've even asked him, if he wanted to stay for drinks the last time I saw him. At the time, I don't think he heard me because he was talking out loud to someone, and was on his way out from work.

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    • Message her and see if she makes time to hang or talk. If she gives excuses or doesn't make time to hang, she's not interested.

    • We're helping each other out loll
      We'll see how it unfolds

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  • you're going to have to make the first move cuz this dude thinks you dont like him
    No harm in trying

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