If your girlfriend/ boyfriend acted this way how would feel?

So you get crazy women out there who do that stuff both men and women can be jerks

He/she is always checking your phone
He/shealways wanna know who you with where you are
He/she always want to know who that on the phone

  • annoyed
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  • talk to him/her.
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  • go out of your head
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  • shout him/her
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Annoyed. I wouldn't let that happen all the time and this person would have to change behaviour to be with me.


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  • I would be extremely pissed off.

  • I mean I don't do that to my boyfriend so I wouldn't want him to do it to me

  • We would no longer be together

    • Thats funny because women do thatvto men relationships and tell him to quit whining complaining... they tell men to suck it up or deal with it

    • Then they are shitty women. The only time I ask where my boyfriend is is if he is late getting home and I want to make sure he is okay.

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