Is he wrong or am I wrong?

I've been seeing this guy for almost two months... and I've been feeling unhappy. Well, I started off feeling giddy cause new romance, new dude, new love... except even though it's been two months, there hasn't been any kisses, any handholding, nothing. Because he says that IM the one that's not ready for a relationship. He says he's ready, but where I am in my life I'm not ready. And that I wouldn't even have time to date. He says he's picky with girls, which is why it's been so long since he's dated. But as ready as he says he is, he tells me it's because I'm not ready so he doesn't want to pursue a relationship right now, but maybe in the future. His opinions are important to me, but his opinions make me feel like I'm just not good enough. Or with the fact that he said he's picky, I keep feeling like he's trying to change me to suit his needs. I feel like my feelings aren't as important because when I get sad, he'd say things like I don't understand why you're so easily upset and I don't like being treated this way. And it gets me irritated cause i start thinking who is he to say that I'm not ready? Why don't my feelings matter? Why does he always shut my feelings down? He always says things like you should do this, or that and that he only says it cause he cares. Or other times he'd say things like I would do this but that's just me. And tells me I'm closed minded so it probably doesn't matter what he says. And he always says "I'm just saying". I'm just so conflicted because I keep doubting myself. What do I do?
Is he wrong or am I wrong?
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