Girls, can cuckolding work?

My roommate has been trying to put ideas in my head and it seems to be of some interest to my girlfriend too..

He's sort of a friend but has a big ego and makes jokes back and forth with my girlfriend when we're all together about some of his professed 'black attributes' that mutual friends supposedly confirmed.

I wasn't worried ever much as we're polar opposites: him an athlete and in the party scene while we're both pretty reserved, but lately, at least, he's gotten more bold. The other night though we were watching a show called You're the Worst and they have a scene where basically the white boyfriend is watching a physically more capable black guy do his wife in front of him. The scene seemed to go on forever anyway and it was awkwardly silent between us for awhile after, definitely uncomfortable! Nobody said anything about it later but they were acting noticeably nice to each other, not flirting just nice.

So he left some time later and she made the suggestion later in the night to rub her feet, which isn't that uncommon as I've given massages before. But she insisted i continue for awhile and i did, then he came back and saw it and she happily greeted "Hey J!"
I know what he was thinking by his look, like it's going the way he wants it.

I love her a lot though and not about to let something happen; i was pretty insecure for some time after that though. But then my imagination started running wild with what if i conceded and experimented that lifestyle like in the tv show. It's obviously humiliating but started to become a turn on. He's been away on a trip but i know when he's back it will have emboldened him even more and he'll come off even more "dominant".

I haven't talked to her about it yet but she's at least shown interest apparently.

Can we still maintain a relationship if i were to allow this?
Girls, can cuckolding work?
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