Stupid blind date what?

So today all my friends decided to go to a restaurant and then we reached near the restaurant all of them left and they kept me with this one girl, whom I find out she has feelings for me?
I have known her for very short time and I don't even know why she love me, she was asking me a billion questions and hinting for me she likes a guy bla bla bla and she means me..
how can I turn her down nicely?

I'd appreciate more comments from the community.


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  • Why are you considering turning her down? Why not give her a chance?

    • She is older than me
      She is not my type

  • first thing: dont ghost her thats a dick move.
    You have 2 options:
    Telling her you're not interested or making her uninterested in you. You can do that by waiting a long ass time to reply and talking about boring topics so she'll lose interest in you and eventually stop replying.

    • What if i told her im gay haha? ( I'm not )

    • thatd work too tbh as long as you have virtually no chance of seeing her again

    • She is in my university and there is a higher chance to see her almost everyday

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