What would happen if I rejected her again?

I know it sounds like a dumb question, so hear me out.

Basically my friend likes me, and I accidentally rejected her two months ago by telling her I liked another girl. It must've hurt, because she began ignoring me. But I did end up liking her, and she did find out. She told me she felt the same, however, she didn't want to ruin our friendship (we've been friends for over a year now). However, she seems to play games with me. One day, she'd poke me and say "hey" to me and the next day she completely shuns me. She did this for about 1 month, and I got tired of it and just ignored her for over a week. She was obviously hurt, but I felt a bit of just in my decision. Monday, we began talking again, but on Tuesday, ignored again. Then on Wednesday she purposely tries making me jealous by walking up to my friend in front of me and smiling and talking to him whilst ignoring me. Later that day, I was walking home, she sees us and talks to all my friends and waves at them except me; even teasing them. That severely downgraded my self-esteem and when she said "hi [my name]" the next day I didn't even respond. I told my friends about how I think she's making me jealous on purpose but they of course said she isn't. Point is, I think I'm going to tell her I'm not interested anymore... this is too much of an emotional toll. What would happen if I rejected her again? :/
What would happen if I rejected her again?
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