Why is she suddenly not responding to my texts?

So I met this girl on Bumble, that actually goes to the same community college as me but we go to school on opposite days so we have never seen each other. We exchanged numbers and we've been texting, FaceTiming and Snapchatting for the last month. We finally decided to meet up with one another in person. We just met up at the Starbuck's in the college and had a little coffee date. I told her I got her and that she didn't need to pay but she wouldn't let me so I just let it be and we just paid for ourselves. But we talked for a little over an hour and were laughing and having a great time, we then walked out to the parking lot even together and then went our separate ways. She usually texts me first everyday by the way. So later on that day I texted her asking how her babysitting was going and got no response. Sent her a snapchat of my Chipotle a few hours later saying be jealous lol and she replied saying she wishes she had some too. So today I sent her a good morning text, again normally she sends me one every morning so I figured I would return the favor. She never responded, this evening I sent her a Snapchat saying hey what's up? She opened it and again no response. Yet she viewed my Snapchat stories. I'm very confused and kinda crushed. I really like her and I don't understand why all of a sudden she just stopped like that. What should I do?
Why is she suddenly not responding to my texts?
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