I still have feelings for her?

I fell in love with a girl, she rejected me and turned out she was seeing someone at the time.

It took me a year to get over her, and I felt like I was over her... Until I found out she was single.

However we aren't on the greatest terms. We used to be friends though.

So I asked her, If everything is alright, and if there's anything she wants to talk about, I'll be open to resolve issues.

She said everything was fine... Which clearly is a lie, so she doesn't want to talk about anything... :( Maybe she did like me, maybe she is mad I wanted to date and she wanted friendship, maybe she feels guilty? Who knows.

Which really sucks. I see her quite often, she is really cold towards me... but I love her and think she is beautiful... I was fantasizing about making her jealous, by being with a really hot girl...

That made me realize, I am not completely over her.

I really don't know what to do.

She doesn't want to date or even talk... So what will it take to get over her?

How can I stop loving her, stop being attracted to her?

I've known her for 3 years, and haven't dated anyone in this time... I just don't feel like anyone is better than her, and know I won't love another girl ever again... That won't be fair if I date another girl, she deserves someone who loves her.


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  • Glad you relaized that. move on. cut all contacts. be cold to her if you see her to heal to protect your heart.
    Go on dates, keep busy.
    Good luck

    • What? That I'm not over her?

      I end up not being in control of my feelings when I'm around her...

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    • It's not working :(

    • It's hard when you have to see her/work with her. Try think of the negative. If u date, things didn't work out. It would be even more difficult. You may even lose your job.
      Hapoened to my ex and his girlfriend back then.
      They had a romantic relationship at wirk and both got fired.!!

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  • You sound absolutely amazing... <3

    • I do?

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    • I think that she would be comfortable telling you how she feels if its only you and her alone together

    • I tried texting her... She said everything is fine...

      One chance I had alone with her in person, just her and me... I asked If I could talk to her... She said she was running late for something ( which is no)

      I really did love her... I have no idea what she feels, but What can I do? She won't talk to me and I should respect that :(

      I think she liked me too, but she will never admit it...

  • You need to get away from her. Stop seeing her, that's the only way to get over someone.

    • Tbh, I work with her and can't find another job :(

    • Then sadly you are stuck in this vicious cycle until one of you leaves the job. Sounds like separation is the only thing you haven't tried and that's really the only solution at this point.

    • Good point, It is the only thing I haven't tried.

  • Wow this was real. Maybe you should tell her you like her or ask her to hangout that may get her to become lively again

    • She is so cold and doesn't want to talk about feelings or deep things like that.

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