This girl said I should be nicer?

I used to be the most polite and quiet guy in high school, I was so nice and helpful to girls and it never got me anywhere. I was a complete pushover back then. Not that I was expecting that it would get me somewhere, but anyways since I'm much older now I tend to just be who I am and have my own personality and not try to be anything for anyone. Apparently some girls get offended by how honest I am. There was this one girl tell me how I'm never going to get a girl to fuck me being so mean. For example, if I don't like something a girl cooked I'm going to say I don't like it if she asks. I suppose I could figure out a nicer way to say it, but I don't want to lie and have her keep cooking the same thing.

I've found thing is to just be who you want to be and it may not make others happy, but at least I don't stress over how people think of me like I used to when I was in high school.



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  • One thing is being nice and another is being polite. For example if u didn't like the cooking u could have found many ways to voice it other than being insensible to people's emotions

  • you can be honest and not be an asshole. soften your words

    • Ok. I also need to remember that some girls seem to take it better than others even though they know I'm just kidding.

    • yes definitely, that's important too. some of us are more sensituve

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