I need advice on my current situation! Am I over thinking everything?

I am currently "dating" this guy, but he is the first guy I've been involved with so I have a lot of concerns and questions. Let me start in the beginning. I've good friends with this guy (let's call him Alex) since September. We grew close really quickly. The first time I met him I was really attracted to him but put it off once I found out he was friends with benefits with one of my new friends. Then one night we were hanging out and he was acting really different. He was flirting with me and he ended up trying to Hook up but instead I fell asleep in his arms. He never acted that way before and the next day he told me he had feelings for him. I admitted that I had feelings for him that I pushed off. Long story short I have a horrible past in general and he has a bad experience dating so we came to the conclusion that we were dating and not exclusive. I really really like Alex and I am worried that I like him way more than he likes me. I also kind of want to be exclusive but I don't want to force him into anything. And I'm confused because all of the sudden he decided he liked me? Or did he have feelings for me before and not act on them? My friends are worried about me because he's leaving at the end of next year and they don't want me to get hurt and so they are encouraging me to end it. But I think we should use the time we have together and just be in the moment. My mother (yes I tell her everything) thinks he has strong feelings for me but I'm not sure. If he did wouldn't he want to be exclusive? Please give advice on the situation in general. Am I over thinking this? Do I like him more than he likes me? Where do you believe he stands right now?
I need advice on my current situation! Am I over thinking everything?
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