Anxious about the relationship?

hi, I have been dating my boyfriend for approximately 7 months now and things are going well. We have both been working on improving the relationship and making time for each other.
My boyfriend has some exams coming up and stays busy with that. Its just that he wants his time and even when he is free he prefers being alone or just watching tv and thus we do not end up spending a lot of time together.
I know that I should be more understanding at this point of time and not bother him but it really irks me that he never calls and texts and then I do not hear from him for long periods of time. I have to be the one to text/call him and make plans. this makes me very anxious and also makes me feel like he isn't putting in the effort.
What should I do?


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  • Ehk. When a guy is stressed about or focused on something he tends to become an utter boring potato.
    He could text and call , tho you probably not going to enjoy it too much.
    "hey what have you been up to"
    "exams , eating , studying , eating , sleeping , computer , tv, bed" , for 2 months. He'll come back when the exam's over and the 3 ton weight is off his shoulders , in the meantime , find something fun to do :3 , either alone or out with the girls or what have ya/


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  • that's not good! in a real relationship; both partners should make time for each other no matter what the situation is... you should have a conversation with him about it

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