Does he like me?

So here's a few things this guy has done..

One day he said I was one of his favorites in our class and gave me a knuckle touch.

Another day we were waiting outside of class and he came up to me smiling and stuck out his fist for another knuckle touch and asked how I was.

Then one day I let him borrow my headphones
and was like "see this is why you're my favorite" and smiled brightly at me and this other kid and class was like "there you go" (we have a joke in class saying that this guy lacks a girlfriend so he basically was saying I should date him).

Then yesterday I was presenting a project and I was all nervous and shet. Anyways while I was up there I looked at the class and made eyecontact with him and he smiled and waved and I just smiled and looked away. A few seconds later I looked back and he gave me a thumbs up cuz he could tell I was nervous and I shook my head and he mouthed "you got this" as he nodded and smiled.

basically I just wanna know if he's being nice or could like me:/
Does he like me?
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