Girls, Did I make the right choice to unmatch this girl on tinder?

So a good friend of mine supposedly knew this girl I matched with sometime during the day yesterday. She was really cute and he told me I should say something. I hit her with a pretty basic conversation starter and got nothing. So I really didn't think anything of it until my good friend and I went to grab lunch and out of the blue this girl runs into us. She starts talking to my friend completely unaware of who I was. Didn't even bother to introduce herself to me even though we had matched just an hour ago. At this point I started to think to myself she had to have recognized me since I was wearing the same outfit that I took a photo with right before we got a match, but still she conversated with our mutual friend with no intention of bringing me into the conversation so I just looked like awkward being there. Keep in my mind I had to eventually introduce myself to her. I didn't want to conversate with her even though I could have jumped in at any point but I just didn't think it was worth it.

I basically just texted my friend even though he was right next to me (didnt want to come off as rude) and told him I was leaving. Im not gonna lie... it did bother me enough to unmatch her even though the conversation never started, and Im obviously here saying something. So my question to you is did I do the right thing?


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  • I would have been bothered too. Especially if after you introduced yourself, she still excluded you from the conversation. She even asked you to say something to her. Well why can't she say something?

    Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet!

    • Well she did acknowledge like once when I told her something was on her shirt but that was pretty much as far as I got. She was just venting her problems to my friend while I just stood with them waiting in line for food. It just didn't feel right for me to be there. I has asked my friend if she said anything when I left and he never replied back so I basicslly just unmatched her. I just wasn't sure if I should have given her the benefit of the doubt seeing as I did it so quickly.

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    • You're welcome! :)

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