Should I break up with this "mud shark?"?

So, I don't ask a girl I'm dating about her past. Just a rule. However, many offer up this information, unsolicited, and usually drop their number (i. e. Body count) pretty early on. I'll ask a question on that another time. So, anyway, this Asian girl I'm dating, who is gorgeous, sweet, and fun did the same thing recently: she dropped her number.
Usually I don't consider a girl with over four or five sexual partners in her life worth dating, because they're obviously promiscuous. BUT she's so cool I made an exception. Then last night she, for some reason, drops that she dated a guy who was half black. Now, I'll admit I'm a racist (go on and hate, most people are who have the balls to admit it) against blacks. Just think they're trash (e. g. Never even invented the wheel). I walked out and haven't talked to her since. Now, should I break up with her and why?

Also, if your gonna mention any sexual insecurity I might have, rest assured it's like fitting a truck into a bed room.
Should I break up with this "mud shark?"?
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