I asked my friend on a date but got rejected. It's been 6 months from now and she stares at me why?

So I ask her out. She was suprised and said she had to think about it. later she rejected me.

We've been ignoring each other for 2 months. I forgot about her till a friend ask me what happend between us.

I caught her staring sometimes and saying hello to me. also her friends look at me, and they ask me questions. Like we had to choose a excursion we would like to go for a week, and she was going to England, and then her friend ask me if I was going to England. and she is now also talking with one of my best friend. that is quite funny cause they never talked to each other and suddenly She talks to him a lot.


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  • Well it sounds like you two disbanded your friendship for a while. She might not think that your friends any more. Try talking to her and see if she does still want to be friends. When she looks at you she might be remembering the good times you had and why she said no. With your best friend either ask him what's up or find out. She either likes him or has gotten to be his friend also.
    Women react to their friends asking them out very badly usually. I have lost a few friends that way. With me I added out one of my female friends she just wants to be friends. I started hanging with a new guy. When I come around with him the seem to be relaxed around him? It took me months for this girl to be relaxed around me. Yet she is fine with my new friend?

    It depends on how you feel about your friend and how he feels about her. If you like them as a couple and they like each other. Encourage them and try to help.
    She turned you down so now you have to be her friend or just cut her out of your life.

    • I'm fine that we don't talk anymore. And I know they aren't each type. But still curious why her friends are staring at me.

      And sometimes when she's with her friends, they will say hi to me even if I don't know them.

      And last I was making eye contact with a girl and she saw that, so the whole time her friend was yelling my name and the girl kept walking around me and she also blew me some kisses

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    • She even ask me 3 times if I liked her. The first time, I though she was joking. So l answered no cause she also ask her best manly friend. And the second time she ask me on whatsapp but she didn't even let me answer. But the third time she ask me on whatsapp I said aid immediately yes. But she didn't believe me. So I ask her out

    • Thanks for mho

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  • maybe she wants to be friend again

  • She's thinking about you. Most probably as friends, so don't get your hopes up.

  • Sounds to me like she likes your best friend and wants to make sure you're not around. Because she might think you still like her and doesn't want to make you and your best friend resent each other. Or you hate him for stealing your crush.