My mother is so negative?

I can't take it anymore, all she does and has done her whole life and my whole life is cut people off and Judge them and being begative about everything. I've moved out at 24 because at first i didn't realize how negative this Household was, no wonder i Always felt depressed, i never stood up for myself because im the type of person who never wants to see anyone get hurt or hurt anyones feelings, she has social anxiety and is very sweet to her children but hates anyone else, because f that im tired... and depressed, i have my own place now but she keeps bothering me and making me feel like something is wrong if i cutt off contact and makes me feel guilty, she is my mom and regardless i love her and need her in my life but she can't handle life and if i keep hanging around her im gonna end up like her... should i just try to hate her instead? i dont want to hurt her feelings, im a very sweet person but over the years I've lost myself and my social life because of this.. Im only 24 and i have alife to I've but i already missed out on sooooooooooooooooooooo much
My mother is so negative?
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