Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?

Look at all the characters and them as couples. Which character reminds you of you (even a little)? Which character appeals to you the most as a partner?

Which couple appeals to you the most?

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that any gender pronoun used is arbitrary
Zhukov is a natural leader, the scary boss (of his own business because f*ck you) who maybe should have gone into military. Esenin is that sweet, kind, innocent looking, CIA-level manipulator. Esenin is not scared. Zhukov smiles, Esenin will regret that. Esenin surrenders power to gain control. Zukov wins, takes control, but then surrenders. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/8e79dcb3-cb43-497e-b021-258c9363494a.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Shtirlitz is an upstanding, organized, serious gentleman/lady with a teasing streak. You will enjoy them but only enough, they don't care what you think if you don't meet their standards. Dostoevsky is gentle, calming, traditional, virtuous, safety seeking and in need of kindness. Dostoevsky brings cookies. Your stereotypical "church couple". <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/c22180e8-a006-4a36-9be7-0657591fa6b8.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Balzac is a calm, cynical, sarcastic, creative analyst. Balzac hates stupid people, Balzak is annoyed. Napoleon's energy is running everything in his ambitious 24/7 live performance causing people to crown Napoleon and give Napoleon a magic staff in cheers. Balzak is now amused. Balzak could use this. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/4f639493-6db6-4e06-b1e3-bc81b4dc6284.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Quixote is a crazy inventor exploding the tool shed again. The Iron Man suit is taking longer than predicted. Dumas swore he is not going to clean that up this time. Though Dumas hates to admit he/she is very curious. Quixote needs to be fed by now as well. They'll die at this rate. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/764d4294-209c-4e76-bb69-04261d4d6cca.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Huxley is goofy, full of life, colors, rainbows, marshmallows, love and is very harmless. Huxley is unique and may be a bit eccentric. Huxley has fun poking Gabin. Mysterious, extremely calm, sloth-like Gabin just wants some quiet. Gabin secretly adores this, without Huxley the quiet loses all appeal anyway and Huxly's art suffers. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/20257f5f-af5c-4828-b301-2df9131264c3.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Maxim is serious, a scientist and means business. You should do things the right (read: his) way. Hamlet's entire world view is painted in emotion. Hamlet needs science and someone to chain him to the floor mid tantrum. Maxim needs all those colors for their lines. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/c1668427-84e5-4048-b9ef-e2db07b433d5.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Jack is ambitious, jack has a plan, jack is smart, Jack will be CEO, jack is... Hey! Dreiser does not care about plans. Dreiser runs their mouth. Jack must remove stick from ass. Jack is promoted because Dreiser made the boss laugh. Jack was worried! Jack may, or may not be Christian Grey sparkling vampire. <3<img src="https://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2179886/f47daf59-52d9-4726-aff5-c263866a4e92.jpg" alt="Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?">
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Pick a pairing you'd belong to. <3 ?
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