Gave my boyfriend the backseat during a family sickness?

In September my grandfather got ill and wanted to be home to help my family. Now my ex at the time lived 20 minutes away. My parents live right down the street from my grandfather. My ex would get his nose bent when i told him i was staying home. He and i were trying to get back together 3 time. My grandfather passed and i was with my family. My now ex gave me a week. In the mean time he was being nasty.. he wanted me to go to his house to clean the week buried my grandfather. Trying to get back into school my ex went silent on me then told me it wasn't all about me. 3 years i gave to him and his daughter and i just needed time with my family.. i feel like his nastiness telling me to grow up is my fault.. he wanted time to think about what he wanted (kids or no kids) so i told that we were done and he told me i was mean.. im hirting because i feel at failt


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  • You aren't at fault, your boyfriend is an ass. He gave you a week, well isn't that nice. Maybe you should give him a swift kick to the nuts as a profound message of thanks.

    • I did i gave it to the curb its been a week and i haven't heard from him.. he told me the week after my grandfather passed he made plans with someone to hurt me..

    • Then go forward with your life. This is the best thing for you. Im sure that it hurts in addition to the turmoil from a death in the family this is not something you needed. But when you have a minute to slow down and think things over, be grateful that you now know what he was all about. A gracious partner would have made sure you had everything you needed to deal with your family and would have backed you up so that you wouldn't have to worry about the every day things that go on. He was not that person.

    • Im trying he is 42 its sad how he acts

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  • Wow, that's really sad how you stayed with an abusive asshole boyfriend for so long. Don't feel bad about anything, it was all his fault and he had you psychologically as a prisoner.
    Leave him and never let this happen to yourself again.

    • I broke up wifh him and its been a month of no contact and haven't heard from him

  • He sounds selfish thoughtless and insecure and abusive as well. You can do much better


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  • Your not, he's trying to make you feel bad so you will go back to him "begging at his feet" and he can treat you like nothing

    • I haven't talked to him in a month thats the longest I've gone not talking to him

    • Don't start talking to him or he will think you want to be with him but are playing hard to get

    • No im not texting him.. his done enough stuff to me that i need to focus on life

  • Sorry for being rude but your guy is an ass.
    you just lost your grandfather. He really is going to be like that?

    My boyfriend's father is in hospital now critical and serious condition.
    I give him as much space as he wants. he hasn't contacted me much, I haven't seen him over 2 weeks. and I never had my family member in hospital like that before so I couldn't imagine/understand what he been going through.. like sometimes I'm thinking 'still he could text me more than this, still he could make time and see me for a little'
    but I never complain to him I try to not bother him with my shit.. like he needs his time with his family, he needs to be there for his father, his family/his father needs him more than I do. He must be going through a lot shit and I don't want to be part of that. I want to be a supportive loving girlfriend not a needy selfish bitch.
    Your guy sounds like a total immature doesn't give a damn about how you feel, what you going through.
    The fact that 'you're hurt' tells enough how inconsiderate he is.
    He doesn't deserve you. He clearly proved that he cannot be a supportive boyfriend when you are in worse.

    • The sad part is he is 42 years old acting like thks

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