Girls, Baby face?

I have what people call a baby face because I am 20 and people think I'm a sophomore in high school. I know there isn't anything I can really do to make me look older, but I believe this has hindered me from being able to have a relationship with women my age. When ever I start talking to them and getting more comfortable, I always get comments like "I thought you were a sophomore", "what high school are you in?", or like today I was talking to someone and they say are you in high school. So, my question is what do women think abou men that look younger then they are? The


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  • Do you have facial hair? If not, you should try growing some. Maybe lift weights to beef up a little, I don't know I'm not a guy so

    • I'm growing my beard out it's barely noticeable. I don't know if it will grow anymore and I'm in shape and go to the gym frequently. I even wear hats to try and hide it, but I still get these comments

  • cute. as long as they still look older than me.. they could be 30 but look 20 and I would date them

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