How could it end this way?

I loved my crush with all my heart.

I know for sure that she liked me to some extent... I know it...

I found out she had a boyfriend, we could never express our feelings, the timing was always so bad... Just a lot of factors... but I feel an intense connection with her, I can see it in her eyes.

But now she doesn't want to talk to me about anything. I tried, I asked her if we could talk and she said no.

It sucks, I loved her... she liked me too... Now we are both on separate paths, we won't be in each others lives...

How could it end this way? It wasn't supposed to be like this :(


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  • this happened to me too. I feel your pain. hugs.

    • Thank you for the hug :)

      It just feels weird, I loved her... and she liked me... and nothing ever happened... Such a powerful connection, just going to waste? Meaningless? :(

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    • maybe you should reach out to her again

    • She doesn't want to talk, I tried reaching out :(

      I love her, I don't know what to do...

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  • Life is a festering pile of shit and most women are narcissistic bitches who become all tingly when they get to crush a man's hopes, or break his heart.
    When you come to that realisation, things will come into focus and you will be able to deal with life more effectively.
    After a while, you will not have 'crushes' and you will not give a damn when a woman rejects you, or betrays your trust.