What would you do?

Okay so i was talking to this girl kari for a while and we went on a few dates and i was talking to her friend avery also whose really cute but just talking as friends cuz i was already going on dates with kari, anyway i found out that things pry won't work with kari (just wernt for each other) anyway while i was still seeing kari i run into avery after football practice she just got done with volleyball so we waited for our rides together. i had my shirt off cuz i was hot and sweaty from football anyway the next day my brother over hears her in one of her classes tell a friend "hes a 9 with his shirt on but a 10 when its off" so i know she likes me but i was still seeing kari and wasn't gunna do anything but now me and kari arnt seeing each other anymore so i can advance on avery now. Accept i dont wanna offend kari by going out with her friend right after her so i say im gunna give it a minute. So im still talking to her the whole time but then after about two weeks she starts going on dates with another guy that she's never even mentioned to me they seem to be getting close to boyfriend and girlfriend but its still just in the dating phase rn. should i just move on or compete with the other guy or wait it out or what?

What would you do?
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