He's mad that I am dating someone else? We didn't talk for two months?

I am just wondering if I did something wrong here...

We had been dating since the summertime and I had to move away for college which he was well aware of. Anyway we kept in touch up until about September and then I heard nothing from him last week.
I had already started dating someone else and now this other guy is upset about it. I don't really understand I mean he didn't reach out to me for two months what was he expecitng for me to continue liking him?


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  • So within the two months did you also try reaching him? What was his reason for not talking to you for 2 months

    • I didn't try either and I didn't ask him his reason

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    • Since you are not in a relationship with any of them try them both and pick one you want to be in a relationship with later on

    • If you liked him then why wouldn't you message him? Girls have a tendency to not message first, like I don't understand

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  • He is annoyed/hurt that you have moved on (or he at least see it as moving on). If he couldn't be bothered to touch base in two months, you probably did the right thing.

    Let him be butt hurt and enjoy the time with your new guy. He'll get over it soon. Maybe one day you two can connect again as friends.

  • he didn't expected you to meet another guy that soon