Is my friend aware that I'm trying to ask her out?

So I've known this girl for about 2 months, we talk a lot. Whenever we finish class at the same time we talk for a while. In these 2 months we got to know each other pretty well. Since a few weeks I've started to think about her as more than a friend. Everyday we chat on facebook as well.

About 3 weeks ago I tried asking her out in a message on facebook. We had a week vacation then where we had to study for our exams the week after that. I asked her if she wanted to get a drink with me. She replied telling me that she wanted to but that she really had to study. Which is very understandable since we were supposed to spend everyday studying.

Last week she told me she wanted to go to this expo about something that we both like but that her parents would not let her go on her own. So partly joking I told her that I would go with her. (we considered that as a joke).

Now I actually tried to ask her to the expo with me. Again she replied that she really wanted to but has already agreed on going with 2 girls from her class.

Is she not aware that I'm trying to ask her out or is she trying to be friendly and just doesn't want to go out with me. Or do I just suck at my timing?

tl;dr: So I asked my friend out twice first time was during a study week just before our exams. She replied that she wanted to go out but should study. The second time, I asked her to an expo, this time she replied that she really wanted to go with me but had already agreed on going there with 2 of her friends.

Is she trying to avoid going out with me and trying to be friendly or is she not aware that I'm asking her out. Or is my timing just really bad?
Is my friend aware that I'm trying to ask her out?
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