Should I talk to him first?

We have been friends for 7 years , I like him a lot. he confessed to me so many times before and we went on dates but it was me who always ended this relationship as there's a girl who likes him and won't let go of him he tried to break up w her so many times but she got sick n went to the hospital. she's so clingy. The last time when we dated was like 5 months ago i thut he left that girl but when i found out that they were still together i really got mad at him n started ignoring his calls n dates n then i told him that we can't be together as a couple Cuz i will live abroad so lets just be friends cuz i dun wanna lose u i regret sayin that. we dont talk like we used to do he talked 2 weeks ago n said that he missed me N wants to see me but im little shy to talk to him n ask him to meet it would feel like im askin him out.. He did his best before to keep me but i didn't make any effort now i just want things to get back to normal but not as friends and i dunno what to do :(
Should I talk to him first?
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