Guys, Who confirms this "date"?

a guy offered to do language exchange with me and we set a time and a place to "study" at a lounge, but I always need confirmation the day before or the day of so I don't meet someone who won't show up. Internet says for a date wait til 3 pm and make other plans, or should I just do it and run with it as if it's just a friend thing? To be honest I can't even tell where I sit with him because he's so damned friendly with everyone. That itself is another post.


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  • You should confirm, but wait outside out of view and see if he shows up..

    • Has a girl you ever asked out and liked messaged you to confirm first?

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    • No no I mean, you ask her out but the day of or day before, did she confirm it with you first to make sure it was happening?

    • Well yeah of course. Usually when a date was planned it was a day or two before.. I've had a couple dates since I got "divorced" last year and it was the same. Phone calls lol

  • both kinda confirm it