Should I continue talking to her?

So i met this beatiful shy girl in summer, we got introduced by her sister and i asked her for her number. I am 20, she is 18.
Her sister told me she had a previous relationship in the past, and it went pretty bad, dont know the details. I will tell you our history of dating so you get a better view on the situation i am.

First we went to the zoo with some other people, and i gifted her a stuffed animal, she loved it, after, we went to the cinema, then we went to the beach with some friends of her to play volleyball, then i took her to a dessert place, invited her and then we went to a view. This last date was awkward because i told her she was beatiful 2 times and asked her what she looked in a guy, she is really shy so i guess i scared her off a little.

After all that, she sent me a message on whatsapp saying she felt like we had to be a couple in the future yes or yes and that she was scared because she wasn't prepared because of her past relationships, she told me she sometimes felt tense. I told her im sorry for making her felt that way, and she told me not to worry, that it wasn't my fault, and asked me if it was okay to be friends at the moment to get to know each other better and in a future we will see what happens.

The thing is after the last day, the university just started, and she gets marks from 9-10, never less, so i guess she is really busy. So i talked her from time to time asking her how was she, having casual conversations and talking a lot, she never answered me with 1 word or anything like that, but i asked her to go out on Halloween and she told me she was busy, and that kind of pissed me off, cause she didn't told me to go out another day. After the long message, she only started 1 conversation, and sometimes she leaves some of my messages unread. So im eating my head thinking if she still likes me or she isn't interested anymore, she talks a lot when i talk to her, maybe she is just busy I don't know.. what do you think?

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Also, 2 of her friends i met after playing volleyball, told me she liked me
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And the real question is that if i should continue starting conversations and try to ask her another time after the exams, or i should let her come to me (she is really shy tho)
Should I continue talking to her?
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