Girls are interested in me in real life, but after adding/seeing me on Facebook - l stopped being attractive for them?

I have this few times. Girls did you have the same issue?


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  • maybe your views on life?

    • What exatcly do you mean?

      Ps. nice biceps ;)

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    • yes

      I know she has to want to gain mass, but how would you offer/suggest her to do it? It's another question

      Second question was completely new.

    • start slowly... maybe use a kettle bell

  • Some people are just not photogenic

    • And it's deal breaker?

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  • maybe your social persona on socialmedia is different to what you give out in person, and they are people that are heavily worried about popularity or certain views you may give. but i advise you never to change your self for anyone that you want a relationship with. Other wise its dead from the start.

    • I want a girl who accept me for you I am, but life shows me than my authentic self is undateable.

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    • It's hard to gain mass for me, but I even like me being thin.

      Balding sucks as fuck, but I will go for hair transplant - it's a an only option for me.

      Job? I am looking for it.

      So I do what I can ;)

    • we all underestimate what we are capable of and how hard we are able to work, but i can only say i hope you get what you work for. good luck.

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