Should I go for the kiss?

Hi everyone!
Back in June I met a super sweet girl at a party. At the time I was 19 and she was 16. She had just finished a music 10th grade (I live in Denmark) and I had just finished high school. The funny thing is that I actually went to the same 10th grade so we have that in common. Anyways, we wrote a lot on Messenger and I asked if we could meet up but all she said was "you're a really sweet guy, I just think you feel differently about me than I do with you". We then broke off the connection for a month. Then we started writing again but broke off the connection again for another month. A week after her birthday we met at a party where we tried to find each other for hours. In the end we met and I looked after her, holding her hand and making sure she got some water.
She then asked if I wanted to start a band. We did and after picking her up and driving into the city, she started holding my hand as we walked to the music room. This has happened a few times now and last Friday, I went to see her in a musical. After the show, while I was talking to some of my friends, she approached me, hugged me and she then put her head on my shoulder, in front of my friends. On Sunday we have a coffee-date. Am I completely off the track when I say/think that she likes me, and should I just go all-in and kiss her?
Any advice appreciated! Sorry it turned out so long but I still left out many details!



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  • I think she likes you and she wants you to be more than friends. Why don't you make a romantic surprise. As you mentioned a band, I would melt if a guy writes a song for me for example. If she likes the surprise so she definitely likes you and you may kiss her. Good luck ;)


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  • yeah, there are hints. few tips, let her know, make so signs like making eye contact for long before kissing. make sure you're alone. kiss: keep it simple stupid

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