How do I put this gently?

I feel quite stupid.
So I have this friend on internet, we have been chatting over half a year now. Today I met him in real life. The problem is: I thought that it will be just a simple hangout, but later it turned out, that it was actually a date. The thing is, I realized, that I don't like him in any way (I don't even really wanna be friends), because he's quite different in real life. Few months ago I briefly dated a really great guy, that I was really attracted to, but unfortunately it didn't lasted. So, when this guy tried to kiss me, I let him, because I wanted to see how I felt about it. It was awful, because I felt nothing, comparing to the last guy, and in that moment I realized, that I will never like him. I was just not feeling it, we were just not connecting. The worst part is, I let him kiss me few more times, that now I greatly regret, because, he probably thought that I liked him. I felt weird vibe coming from him, so I was afraid to tell him that I don't like him in that way, because we were out of town in his car and he made few "jokes", that he might leave me there.
I got myself into really uncomfortable situation. I know that he liked me, but I need to tell him how I feel. I don't want to see him, or meet him ever again.
Just how do I tell him that gently?
How do I put this gently?
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