I'm starting to feel like something's wrong with me?

Black female
BBW (kind of, pretty proportioned though)
1 child (no issues with the father that I would disclose and no chance of us ever getting back together)
Some trust issues
Full time job
Pretty much full time student
works out 3-4 times a week
doesn't ever go out
consider myself average looking

the guys I've met in the last year (though it's always been this way) always only wanna have sex with me and will pursue for years.
more recently there have been guys that I've been friends with for years even gone through everything with me and even they've screwed me over. I don't sleep with guys unless I feel there's some sort of potential there and at 26 I've slept 4 guys and the most recent 2 were long time friends that decided after "we're just young and living life but I love you"

my feelings are obviously hurt because they've witnessed the hurt from prior relationships and I would have never fathomed them turning around and doing the same.

I go into every situation giving the person the benefit of the doubt only to find out that I shouldn't have later. I've heard that I'm annoying and what not... well no not what not lol just annoying or tolerable.
When in actuality with the shit I dealt with before I just like to be validated I guess by who I'm with and when I notice certain habits from previous relationships I try to get to the root of it which is often times when im called a nag or aggravating.

I don't know just want a non bias opinion I guess..


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  • you're damaged.

    • And it shows and they take advantage?

      All i think is I'm a good girl and I think I'd make a great wife but why do I keep ending up in these same dead end situations

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    • @TuMeManques OK, so you're almost forty. you think you can limit random online strangers, and you probably have a husband or boyfriend or kids, and you're that socially dopey? haha.. i say what i want, live with that reality.

    • Guys lol

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  • There's nothing wrong with you. You sound like a trusting and loving person and sometimes people like that can get used but would you rather be cold, distant and bitter? It's not worth it. Just keep doing the things you're doing for yourself and your child and hopefully someday a guy will see the value in that.
    I'd proceed veeeery slowly with any men in the future. I don't know if your friends used you or if there just genuinely wasn't a relationship connection there but don't let that stop you from trying again.


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  • from my experience,,, it doesn't really matter your looks or your personal traits,,, itis just some people are lucky in love life,, and some are not... like me :D

  • It has nothing to do with your looks, do only attractive people have relationships? Nope. Do only none annoying people have relationships? Nope.

    It has everything to do with how you think and feel about yourself.

    Whether you believe in this stuff or not, being positive and feeling good about yourself and life is number one. Focus on the good in your life, what you have rather than what you don't. Once you've got that down, and everything you want will come to you

    • So young and yet so wise. I do believe in whatever you put out is what is but what I put out is actually based on what I've experienced you know?

    • Yes, so put out better energy. Look at your question, that's how you feel. You can change that just be patient and take your time. If you're interested, listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube, ever since I followed Abraham's teachings, it's been magic

  • I don't think there's anything terribly wrong, you sound kind of lonely though.

    • I am lol

    • Then yeah. Your lonely, you need a good friend or if you need a good companion, dogs are great.