It says on here am 54 but am 15 how do I snog how do I kiss am so scared! Like ughh?

Well am 15 havnt really had a boyfriend yet but when I do I gathered he knows how to kiss but am scared how do I kiss how do I do it what if a going to it really bad! An I don't wanner tell him that it is my first kiss so how do I do it with snogging or what ever u call it


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  • you want act like a good kisser? act like you had lots of experince before? if you really act like that, you boyfriend will feel scared too, lol, I say just enjoy the kiss, it can't be really bad, all you need to do is feel it, the meaning of kiss is show your love and have fun, not about how to make it looks skillful , you will never know how to do it, until you have the experince


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  • Okay this is how you snog well...:
    1. Relax
    2. Work out the speed/rhythm of your partners kissing and follow that same speed (while you kiss him)
    3. The movement of your moth kinda goes like this from a big O to small o (Kind of like when you say ow). When your mouth is formed like a big O you stick your tongue out a little and lick their tongue while they do the same thing, then you pull that tongue in when your mouth forms into a smaller o, then you repeat, big O tongue out, small o tongue in. Sounds complicated but you get the hang of it quickly, practice if you have to.
    4. Now some people have different preferences to kissing, I personally prefer gentle kissing with the motions I mentioned above (along with some occasional gentle lip biting). Some people like to go in deeper with their tongue, still same motions of the mouth you just stick out your tongue more.
    5. If you're having trouble breathing back away subtly but not by a lot and take a breath, at this moment you can tease him a little by holding back the next kiss by a little bit (but still keep your face close to him) like this:


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  • I don't understand why you would want to keep the fact it is your first kiss a secret.
    Just be honest about it.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, when you kiss someone it comes naturally, just follow him and enjoy it, feel your instincts.

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