Is playing hard to get a myth?


For those of you who crown yourself queens of the game, do you actually play hard to get with someone you're actually interested? Be honest, when you actually like a guy are you attentive and making your emotions obvious or do you hide and make yourself a challenge in hope for that fairy tail ending or whatever? I've always been blunt to the point which causes me not to really put up with those games but I found someone I'm willing to put in time and effort into. If you need more info she responds to me shortly but promptly. I guess it seems like she's disinterested but she did directly respond saying she did want to go out. I don't know she's been straight forward since we've started talking but now she's being coy. I guess straight up do you think you play hard to get and do other girls play hard to get. I'm trying to debunk a theory here but at the same time find some closure or if you have any insights.


Straight up how u deal with chicks like this what do you find works or doesn't. I feel like the best strategy is play coy but interested at a declining rate as to intice her to come back and if she doesn't bite eventually go balls hard with full confidence and if she doesn't respond to that then u know it's done. I'm thinking if she continues this I'll give her 1 week then ask her out in my way then if she doesn't respond obviously give up. But I wanna give it a full week before bending. I don't wanna seem weak and desperate. For example Thursday's Thanksgiving I'll ask her out Wednesday or Friday night for Sunday or Monday depending on what other dates I have going on. Thanks


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  • i dont play hard to get but i dont talk about my feelings so you might take it as hard to get, but its not a game. also if i like a guy ill ask him out. takes me a long time though bc i go slow. i also dont like going out before im ready so i might say no then ask later which will sometimes upset them. and they see it as a game but it isn't. but if im not ready im not ready.

    how long have you known her?

    why do you expect people to express their feelings to a crush. most are not comfortable doing this even when in relationships.

    • I think it's just a difference in dating styles, I tend to move fast which always causes problems. As you said I shouldn't expect her to express her emotions it's just what I want. I haven't known her long 2 weeks we talked for a week and a half went on a date and now it's a couple days later. She's acting distant but she did that before too it's just that the night before out date she was real flirty and cute. She was stone cold and blew me off for a date before that. She said she though I was cocky and wanted to challenge me but also said she didn't know what she's looking for. I see these all as signs she wants to move slow. I believe she's genuine in saying she wants to go out again. I think I just have to give her space and then make a nice move at the the right time. But I also don't wanna embarrass myself

  • After many years of being played, and used by guys. Yes I do play hard to get now. I want the guy to chase me and I want to him to show me how bad he wants me..

    • Respect, get what you deserve girl

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  • I don't think you know what a myth is...

    • The myth is "sometimes girls play hard to get" people do question whether it's a legitimat thing. Guys who get played by girls who play hard to get don't actually know the girls true intentions in the end one way or another. That's why I'm trying to isolate one variable. So I know what's actually going on if possible

    • Yes, people do it