Is playing hard to get a myth?


For those of you who crown yourself queens of the game, do you actually play hard to get with someone you're actually interested? Be honest, when you actually like a guy are you attentive and making your emotions obvious or do you hide and make yourself a challenge in hope for that fairy tail ending or whatever? I've always been blunt to the point which causes me not to really put up with those games but I found someone I'm willing to put in time and effort into. If you need more info she responds to me shortly but promptly. I guess it seems like she's disinterested but she did directly respond saying she did want to go out. I don't know she's been straight forward since we've started talking but now she's being coy. I guess straight up do you think you play hard to get and do other girls play hard to get. I'm trying to debunk a theory here but at the same time find some closure or if you have any insights.


Straight up how u deal with chicks like this what do you find works or doesn't. I feel like the best strategy is play coy but interested at a declining rate as to intice her to come back and if she doesn't bite eventually go balls hard with full confidence and if she doesn't respond to that then u know it's done. I'm thinking if she continues this I'll give her 1 week then ask her out in my way then if she doesn't respond obviously give up. But I wanna give it a full week before bending. I don't wanna seem weak and desperate. For example Thursday's Thanksgiving I'll ask her out Wednesday or Friday night for Sunday or Monday depending on what other dates I have going on. Thanks
Is playing hard to get a myth?
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