What to do when a man stops texting a girl?

So, i have chatted with a man for a month, and we have had a really2 nice, intense, open chat, though we have had several misunderstanding.

Last Thursday, we had another ridiculous misunderstanding again that made and change our moods towards each other. The next day, which is last Friday, we texted just a little bit, and then he stopped. Saturday and Sunday he didn't text me, until now. I know he ignored me. Since last Friday i also didn't text him first. Bcoz he ignored me.

I know he will come to my city on 24 nov.
So, should i text him again tomorrow. Bcoz tomorrow he will have an interview for becoming a pilot an airline. I just wanna say, good luck and very nice to know and talk to you. I wanna say this bcoz i think he doesn't want to talk to me anymore and its like a nice farewell text.

What do u think?

Will i look desperate?
80% he chatted me first. But recently, i chatted him first.


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  • Forget him.

  • Send tons of nudes.

    What did you argue about?
    Send it if you want I guess? Not going to do much.

    • The misunderstanding (2 misunderstandings in one chat) was all begun when we talked about... This is very2 stupid. Its about instant noodle. Geez. He is a singaporean.

      1st misunderstanding: I thought that was a chauvinist about my country bcoz i say our instant noodle have the best flavour. I sounded insisting. He thought i was a chauvinist he didn't like it. While i thought it was just a playful convo. He was serious about that.

      2nd misunderstanding: he say he didn't like we argue about such thing. Anf bcoz he said this, I thought he is annoyed. I said sorry. And then he said, he was not annoyed. He just didn't like it. He said he just told me the reason i liked it. And then he thought i was so serious. Double misunderstandings.

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    • He misunderstood when i was just joking or teasing him.

      And i also misunderstand what emotion he put into his words. That what we missed.

    • Thats part of a language barrier, when you can't fluently speak someones language and they are easily offended, you're going to have tons of issues. Everything can come off as incredibly rude.

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  • Conversations are a two way street. You need to put in the same amount of effort as him. So text him first and if he doesn't text you first next time. Finish him